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I am a WPBSA Level 1 Snooker Coach and offer snooker coaching at £20 / hr.

I coach beginners, intermediates and juniors. PLEASE NOTE if your session is for a junior, a parent or guardian MUST be present.


To make the most of your sessions 1 1/2 hrs is recommended.

I am happy to coach you at your club in Leeds if it is in my catchment area. However I prefer to coach at my club in Moor Allerton for several reasons.

  • There are NO DISTRACTIONS - no bar, no people, no fruit machines, no friends to put you off. You can concentrate properly and not worry what other people think.

  • I have guaranteed tables on Saturdays and Sundays between 2 and 5pm.

  • My club is quiet, only has 2 tables and most often we have the room to ourselves.

Do I need Coaching and what level do I need?

To help you decide if I can be your coach I have made this little video of me practicing, apologies for me looking like a scruff bag. You'll notice I make 77 before the light goes out. My highest is 84 with 2 reds left on the table (that's the important bit - that's 26 pots in a row). My personal challenge is to now complete the table


If you can do this then I am happy to refer you to a WPBSA Level 2 Coach who I trust


Try this at your club - If you don't manage this then I will be able to coach you

The WPBSA White to Black Curriculum is incorporated into your coaching sessions. This is the WPBSA's blueprint for success and has been constructed by professionals. You will be issued with your own personal, password protected page on this site where resources will be added to help you progress to the next level. Certification is also provided along your journey.

Please use the below form to submit your request for one of the following forms of coaching - no payment will be requested until your coaching session begins

Thanks for submitting! I will be in touch shortly to confirm your Coaching Session


Your coaching session is NOT BOOKED until I have contacted you via email or telephone directly

My Coaching fee is £20 / hr 

If your Coaching Session is at Moor Allerton Sports & Social I will pay for the light

If your Coaching Session is at a club of your choice you and/or your friends pay for the light

You agree that payment will be made before your Coaching Session starts

If your Coaching Session is for Juniors, you agree that a parent or guardian will be present

If you need to cancel your Coaching Session please provide 24 hrs notice

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