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Resources & FAQ

  • How do the WPBSA grade their coaches
    WPBSA QUALIFICATIONS participation/coaching/coaching-levels-explained/ Level 1 WPBSA Snooker Coach All qualified Level 1 coaches will have received the following training: An introduction of how to coach the basics of the game. An overview of how to organise snooker safely and independently in the community. Extensive child protection and safeguarding training Certification through attending the course. 1st4sport Level 2 Certificate in Snooker Coaching In addition to the skills gained at Level 1, all qualified 1st4sport Level 2 coaches will have further demonstrated an ability to be able to safely plan, deliver, review, and improve the standard of both novice and intermediate snooker players up to a level of 30 plus break standard. Certification & Assessment is assessed via proven performance coaching in the field and a final observed assessment. 1st4sport Level 3 Certificate in Snooker Coaching (Advanced) Further to the skills demonstrated by Levels 1 and 2 coaches, our advanced coaches have demonstrated that they are able to plan an extensive training programme for an advanced player incorporating sports psychology, mental health awareness, fitness & nutrition, biomechanics, technical theory and advanced trouble shooting & cue ball control and break building advancing to a hundred break standard. Certification & Assessment is assessed via proven performance coaching in the field and a final end presentation with a skills & knowledge test.
  • Do I need Coaching and what level do I need
    To help you decide if I can be your coach I have made this little video of me practicing, apologies for me looking like a scruff bag. You'll notice I make 77 before the light goes out. . My highest is 84 with 2 reds left on the table (that's the important bit - that's 26 pots in a row). My personal challenge is to now complete the table If you can do this then I am happy to refer you to a WPBSA Level 2 Coach who I trust Try this at your club - If you don't manage this then I will be able to coach you
  • How do I cancel my coaching
    Simple, just give me a call. Please do give me 24hrs notice though
  • How do I make the most of my coaching
    What you get out of your coaching is up to you. Like everything else, Snooker requires practice, and lots of it. The more we practice the techniques that we learn, the quicker it will become embedded into our game. We need to practice with purpose. Don't just go to your club and hit balls around or play yourself. Instead work on specific shots over and over again. There are lots of shots that come up all the time in matches, straight pinks, high blacks, long blues etc etc. When a long blue comes up in a match we are a lot more confident in potting that ball if we have already done it a hundred times in practice. Instead of just hitting balls or playing yourself use set practice routines instead. With routines you can monitor yourself and see yourself improving. Set routines help develop not only your potting but also your positional play. So next time you're in a match and there are 3 reds by the black you can say "well I've done this in practice" and then pot that 24 break with more confidence Practice brings confidence. When a shot comes up in a match you can say "well I've potted loads of these in practice so this should be ok" Whenever you go to your club always have a goal of what you want to work on today. Often a shot might come up in a match that maybe lost you the frame or you just didn't like. Maybe you were snookered. Set that shot up again on your own until you can get. Always practice with purpose
  • Where can I get coaching
    I am happy to coach you at your club in Leeds if it is in my catchment area. However I prefer to coach at my club Moor Allerton Sports & Social. There are several reasons for this My club is normally not busy, there are only 2 tables so often we will have the room to ourselves. I cannot guarantee this but I do have guaranteed time slots on the weekends It is open during the day where most clubs only open at night There is no bar, no music, no flashing fruit machines Your friends aren't here to distract you You can concentrate better You won't feel bad if you miss You won't be heckled or feel pressured Your friends won't even know you're having coaching unless you tell them Overall your coaching experience will be better if it is done here The filming aspect of my coaching can only be done here
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