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fix your stance          correct your posture                  amend your grip              improve your delivery     sight shots better            get bigger breaks

Why choose Super Snooker

 A Level 1 WPBSA Professional Snooker Coach can help take you from an absolute beginner to an intermediate.  I offer Level 1 WPBSA Coaching at £20 / hr.

It is my personal goal to bring you to a 30 break standard. If you can regularly make 30 breaks in a live frame (60 break in practice), then I am happy to provide contact details for a Level 2 WPBSA Coach that I trust

If you cannot achieve a 30 break in a live frame (60 in practice), then I would love to coach you. The  Level 1 WPBSA Course is designed for beginners

If you used to make 30 breaks but haven't for a long time, some old bad habits may have crept into your game. One or two MOT sessions with me should be able to identify and correct these problems

Beginners, Intermediates & Juniors

1 to 1 Snooker Coaching Services

At Super Snooker, I offer a variety of snooker coaching services to suit your needs. Whether you're a beginner or an intermediate player, I have a coaching package that's right for you.

My coaching services include 1 to 1 coaching and group coaching sessions known as Cuezones.

1 TO 1 - Can be at your club (if it is in my catchment area), or at my club in Moor Allerton, Leeds.

Private Group Coaching is also available. For example, if you and 3 friends regularly play together, why not book a private group session and split the cost between you. You'll all get the same coaching but at a fraction of the cost.

If  you own or represent a snooker club in Leeds and would like to add coaching to the services you provide then please get in touch to discuss.

Certificates are provided throughout your coaching experience to demonstrate your level and improvement. These will be useful when you complete Level 1 and will need to be referred to a Level 2 WPBSA Advanced Coach


Join my snooker club Cuezones, and take your snooker skills to the next level. Cuezones are open to players of all ages and skill levels up to intermediate. As a member of my club, you'll get access to exclusive coaching sessions, tournaments, and events as well as regular updates and exclusive online tips & tricks.

My CUEZONE Club is the perfect place to meet other snooker enthusiasts, have fun and improve your game. So why wait? Join my CUEZONE club today and start playing like a pro!

Cuezones are held at various clubs in Leeds so check my list to see if your club is taking part. 

                             Just £5 / session


My club's Cuezone is held at Moor Allerton Sports & Social Club, Leeds,  every.  £5 per session, everyone welcome.

Stonegate Rd, Moortown, Leeds LS17 6EL

Latest Super Snooker News

LBSO League Season Has Ended

The League has ended and we're all heading to the golf course 'cos Summer is coming John Snow. That means we've got 3 or 4 months to improve our games before the start of next season. SNOOKER or GOLF?

Often it is difficult for snooker players to improve their game while still competing in matches. In a match you don't want to be concentrating on elements of your technique. In a match you need to trust yourself, trust your technique and deliver it. Now is the perfect time to ditch the golf course and book in some coaching. That way our improvements will be embedded into our technique and ready to trust next season.

Get booked in now

Moor Allerton's 1st CUEZONE - Coming Soon

Moor Allerton Sports & Social hosting their 1st CUEZONE?. Make sure to register your interest today

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