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Register with CUEZONE CLUB

I am currently organising CUEZONES at my club, Moor Allerton Sports & Social, and other clubs around Leeds. To optimise our CUEZONES, each one requires 2  tables and 8 players. They are very difficult to organise, so please register your interest below so I can organise a CUEZONE  for you.

I run separate CUEZONES for adults and juniors.  Juniors MUST be accompanied by a parent or guardian

What is a CUEZONE?

CUEZONES are a fun and friendly way to get involved in snooker.  The WPBSA run them at all of their major tournaments like the World Championships and Masters.  They're what we see on TV with Hazel, Alan and Ken etc., and as a WPBSA Coach I have the privilege to be involved with them by invitation.

CUEZONES are designed to be a fun & friendly, multi player event, that allows players of all abilities, ages, disabilities etc, to have a great time whilst learning to play our beautiful game.

At a LOCAL level they can be designed to suit the group of players at that CUEZONE. For juniors for example the focus can be on fun, learning and meeting new friends. Snooker doesn't just teach snooker, it teaches Math, Physics, Problem Solving, Dignity & Respect amongst many others. Juniors will play fun games based around snooker such as relays, snooker tennis and more. For more experienced players it can be tailored to your requirements.

At all levels up to intermediate, you will get coaching along the way. CUEZONES are a great way to get coaching at a fraction of the cost of 1 to 1 sessions. 

CUEZONES LAST 1 1/2 hrs and cost just £5 per player

Come to a CUEZONE

Thanks for registering to our event. See you there!

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